Everything you need to know about tampliners

Meet the tampliner. Most people who use tampons also double up with a liner, so Callaly created the tampliner: an organic cotton tampon combined with a soft mini-liner. Callaly's innovative tampliner design features a 'virtual applicator', an ultra-thin medical grade membrane connecting the tampon to the liner. This means mess-free insertion and removal (no more blood on your fingers, or your tampon string!).  Better still, the tampliner works with (or without!) any underwear because you don't need to worry about sticking anything to your thong, boxers or Brazilian lace knickers. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the tampliner wraps itself on the way out.

So, you’ve decided to try tampliners for the first time - welcome to a new era in your menstrual journey! Tampliners are pretty different from other tampons, which means there’s a new way of doing things. We’ve put together some helpful tips and info to get you on your way.

First things first, here’s the breakdown of the different things that make up a tampliner:

  1. Organic cotton tampon – with shed-free surface
  2. Organic cotton mini-liner –  for extra protection against leaks
  3. Transparent applicator – for mess-free insertion and removal

Before you get stuck in

Find a comfy position and take some deep breaths. No need to go full pranayama, but the muscles in your vagina know when you’re tense, and a relaxed vagina makes inserting a tampon a lot easier!

Important bit: the longer ‘tail’ of the mini-liner should always point backwards towards your bum (we know this might seem odd, but go with it!)

Inserting your tampliner

Part your labia (vaginal lips) and, with one hand in a peace sign, press the mini-liner tight against your body. With your other hand, use your index finger to push the tampon into your vagina as far as you can. Top tip: aim towards the small of your back, not directly upwards.

Adjust the mini-liner into a comfy position so only the string is hanging outside your body.

Removing tampliner

Use the same peace sign ✌️ to tightly hold the mini-liner against your body. With your other hand, gently pull the tampon string. The tampon will pass back into the transparent applicator, leaving it neatly wrapped and ready to put in the bin – pretty nifty, eh?

It might take a few goes to get this right; practice makes perfect!

The mini-liner low-down

  • How is the mini-liner different from my usual liner? 
  • The mini-liner on a tampliner is worn folded between your labia – it doesn’t sit flat in your underwear.

  • Doesn’t that feel weird? 
  • Wearing anything tucked between our labia isn’t something we’re used to, so it can feel a bit odd at first – but most people get used to it fairly quickly.

  • Have I got the position right? 
  • Everyone’s a different shape, so the mini-liner will peep out the labia differently for us all. The transparent applicator should always be hidden inside your body and the mini-liner folded between your labia.

  • How do I go to the toilet?
  • Everyone has their own way of going to the loo when wearing a tampliner – some people prefer to hold the mini-liner to one side; others can go without moving it.

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