Our Story

‘Self-care is how you take your power back’ – Lalah Dalia 

Our Promise:

We believe that menstrual care is self-care. That’s why we decided to build the first wellness store with menstrual care at its core.

We carefully curate only the finest brands for your body. Sustainable, ethical, natural brands. Because you deserve only the best. No nasties for you.

And we know that when you feel good on the inside, you look amazing on the outside.


A note from our founder, Hannah:

When I first started thinking about my menstrual care, I realised that I didn’t. I didn’t think about my menstrual care. Period.

In a world where mainstream menstrual brands are garish and where sterile supermarket aisles labelled ‘feminine hygiene’ are usually next to the pet food aisle, I spent the least time possible thinking about my period and period products. It just didn’t make me feel good.

I founded Unfabled because I want to see a world where our self esteem is not negatively affected by our periods. We’ve got enough to think about already.

For me this starts by changing how we think about and purchase products for our menstrual self-care. By centering menstruation at the heart of how we build our wellness rituals. By building the first shop for period wellness. No pet food here, I promise.

I want to serve all menstruators, and to build Unfabled so it works for you. Email me at hannah@unfabled.co to share what you’d like to see on Unfabled. Everything we build is for our community, and if you’re reading this, that means you.