Has The Pandemic Worsened Your Period? You're Not Alone...

Pandemic periods: has your cycle changed or been more difficult over the past year? If you've felt more physically and emotionally drained by your period, you're not alone. 

Poor sleep, low mood, headaches... Up to two thirds of menstruators say their symptoms have changed since The Rona came to stay. 

Why? The short answer: stress. It interferes with our hormones and can deregulate our cycle. Whether you've had insecure work, or found yourself WFH 24/7, the majority of us have experienced professional stress and an increased domestic burden.

And we're social animals! Humans are the most social species of all mammals, in fact. So when we can't hang out with our friends and vent about our bodies and emotions, we can feel isolated, anxious, and – well – pretty damn sad.

Soon we'll begin returning to a more normal routine, and our menstrual cycles should calm down. Until then keep checking in with yourself, and being kind and patient with your body and mind. Practice self-care. Call your friends. Take time to unwind and relax.

Read the full article by Eleanor Morgan over on The Guardian

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