How to choose a menstrual cup


Over the past few years, the menstrual cup market has boomed, with these reusable silicone cups completely transforming the way we think about our menstrual cycle. And it’s easy to see why menstrual cups are continuing to grow in popularity - not only are they better for our planet but they’re better for our purses too. After all, using a menstrual cup will cost a fraction of the price you spend on traditional menstrual products, like tampons or pads. 

But with so many menstrual cup brands and products available, it’s easy to be unsure as to which one is best for you. Whether you’re a menstrual cup first-timer or a total pro, here is our guide to choosing your next menstrual cup. 

What is a menstrual cup?

Before you start your shopping spree, it’s important you understand what a menstrual cup is. In short, they are small, flexible cups shaped like a funnel, that can be inserted into your vagina to collect your menstrual fluid. 

They’re designed to be comfortable, discreet and totally hygienic. But one of the main reasons behind their popularity is their ability to collect more fluid than most other menstrual products, making menstrual cups one of the most eco-friendly alternatives to traditional tampons. Better still, depending on your flow, some menstrual cups, including the &SISTERS Nüdie Period Cup, can be worn for up to 12 hours.

How do menstrual cups work?

You can insert menstrual cups in three simple steps:

  • Fold. While holding the base of your cup, flatten its opening using your fingers.
  • Insert. Angle your cup towards your tailbone, then insert it fully into your vagina.
  • Place. Using your fingers, give the cup a soft twist both ways, before gently pulling it down. If it doesn’t move, you know it’s correctly in place.

  • Removing is equally as simple. All you have to do is carefully pull on the stem of the cup and gently squeeze the base to release the seal, before removing it. You can then empty the contents into the sink or toilet.

    Your menstrual cup should be emptied, washed and wiped clean at least twice a day - depending on your flow and product choice. By caring for your menstrual cup correctly, you’re bound to get more life out of it - with some lasting up to 10 years.

    Which menstrual cup is best for you?

    At Unfabled, we are leading the fight to better menstrual wellbeing, empowering you to make choices that put comfort at the top of your priority list. This means that you should always choose the menstrual product that suits your body, your needs and feels most comfortable.

    However, if you’re looking for a bit of guidance to help you choose your next menstrual cup, then don’t worry, the team at Unfabled have got your back. 

    Do you have a low or high cervix?

    When it comes to choosing which menstrual cup suits your body, you should consider the height of your cervix. It’s time to get to know your body, so you can choose a menstrual cup that feels so comfortable, you won’t even know it’s there.

    Try and check your cervix when you are nearing the start of your menstrual cycle. You can do this by sliding your longest finger into your vagina (which is probably easiest when you’re lying down). Your cervix will feel like a smooth, round, raised circle.

    If your finger goes almost all the way into your vagina before reaching your cervix, then you have a high cervix. If your finger only goes halfway into your vagina, then you have a low cervix.

    If you have a high cervix, you might want to consider a larger cup, for example, the Nüdie Period Cup by &SISTERS.

    On the other hand, if your cervix is low, a shorter cup might suit you better. Why not have a look at our Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup, which comes in both small and regular sizes to suit all body types.

    Do you have a light or heavy flow?

    Menstrual cups come in varying sizes, which means they can hold different amounts of fluid at one time.

    If your flow is heavier, larger menstrual cups can hold more fluid, for example, the Nüdie Period Cup by &SISTERS can hold up to 32ml, with the medium version holding up to 24ml (which is around the same as three tampons). 

    How old are you and have you given birth?

    It’s not unusual for your age and the birth of a child to affect the muscles around your vagina. The good news is, that at Unfabled, we have carefully hand-picked a collection of menstrual cups to suit all ages, from teenagers to over 30s.

    Larger menstrual cups are usually recommended for those over 30 and those who have given birth, as the muscles around their vagina might not be as tight. If this sounds familiar, try the Nüdie Period Cup by &SISTERS in large or TOTM Menstrual Cup in Size 3.

    Alternatively, for those between 18 and 30, consider the Size 2 TOTM Menstrual Cup, or have a look at Saalt’s Soft Menstrual Cup, which has two sizes (small or medium) to suit both age ranges.

    Our friends at Saalt have also created a menstrual cup, designed especially with teenagers in mind. Designed to be a smaller version of its older sister cup, but still just as effective, the Saalt Teen Cup is ideal for young people looking for a sustainable but practical menstrual product.

    Do you have sensitive skin?

    If you’re keen to try a menstrual cup but have sensitive skin, then don’t worry, your Unfabled family is here to help. Our TOTM Menstrual Cup is free from BPA, Latex, and phthalates, making it the most suitable option for those with sensitive skin.

    Find a menstrual cup that works for you

    If you’re thinking about trying a menstrual cup for the first time or if you fancy switching to a new product, then come and explore our range at Unfabled. At Unfabled, we’re proud to only work with companies that share our ethos, which means all of our products promise to be nice to the planet. Shop our menstrual cup collection.

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