My guilty secret as an e-commerce founder

And it begins.

Your inbox knows it. Your targeted ads know it. Your bank balance is about to know it.

Black Friday is upon us.

But I have a confession to make. One I feel awkward about, as the founder of an e-commerce company.

I kind of hate Black Friday.

It's 10pm and I have 55 tabs open containing an assortment of electric toothbrushes, milk frothers, thermal leggings and pizza ovens. Consumerism gamified: the more I save, the more I win. And I love winning.

I'm so caught up in how much I'm saving – 50% off a mausoleum now only £10,000! – that I forget to think about whether I even want the thing. I just want to win the deals. Give me the deals!

But I don't want a mausoleum. I don't have space for a pizza oven. I don't put milk in my coffee.

I quickly slam down my laptop lid and extract myself from Jeff Bezos' sticky web.

So here's the question: how does Unfabled "do" our first ever Black Friday as a retail business? Do we join the digital onslaught of deal-slinging and savings-strutting?

If so, how?

I founded Unfabled to provide sustainable, natural and ethical shopping alternatives to the plastic and toxin-filled mainstream brands we've been handed for women's health and wellbeing. To redefine wellness, putting menstrual health at its core.

So we decided to take Black Friday and paint it red. Yep – Red Friday. We're bloody doing it.

We're using this week to spotlight our brands that give back – from helping to combat period poverty, to supporting girls and women in need globally, to sustainably manufacturing planet-friendly products. 

We've reorganised our e-commerce platform so our community can shop by cause and discover all our female-founded, beautiful brands that put periods, planet, and people before profit. Black Friday can have a meaningful impact, after all. 

This week I might not need a mausoleum… but menstrual products, chocolate, self-care and CBD? Sustainable and ethical products? Supporting women-owned brands and businesses? This and every week – sign me up. 


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