Our top MPowder recipes to revamp your daily dose


Getting your daily MPowder intake can sometimes feel like a chore. Blending your Peri-boost or Meno-boost in a cold liquid is our go-to suggestion for you when it comes to taking your daily serving, but that’s not the only option you have. 

We’ve reached out to our friends at MPowder for some of their community’s favourite recipes, and compiled our top three for you to get your daily fix. Both your appetite and your hormones can be satisfied with these quick and easy MPowder recipes.

First up, some MPowder bites. 

1. MPowder Bites:

A tasty, sweet-savoury snack, these MPowder bites are a great way to get your Meno-Boost. 


3 level tablespoons MPowder Meno-Boost

3 level tablespoons Agave, Maple syrup or honey

3 level tablespoons melted coconut oil

3 level tablespoons Nut Butter

Cacoa powder or desiccated coconut to coat


Mix them together then divide into bite sized balls and roll in desiccated coconut or cacao powder before chilling in the fridge. Prep time is only about 5 minutes for this one!

2. Peri-Boost Strawberry Fields Smoothie:

A refreshing, vegan, summery smoothie - this recipe is a brilliant way to start your day and get your Peri-Boost in. 


300ml Coconut Water

30g (3 level tbsp) MPowder Peri-Boost

10 Strawberries

1 ½ Pears

A squeeze of Agave


With a prep time of 2 minutes, all you need to do is pop your ingredients into a blender and give them a blitz. 

3. Sunshine Breakfast Bowl:

Fresh, bright and delicious, this sunshine breakfast bowl is an absolute favourite for our Meno-Boost users, and only takes about 5 minutes to create. 


170g frozen mango pieces

30g (3 level tablespoons) MPowder Meno-Boost

2 heaped tablespoons coconut yoghurt

1 handful of raspberries

1 handful blueberries

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 Medjool date, chopped and pitted

2 tablespoons oats


Place everything in a blender and blitz. Then top with your favourites - a drizzle of a good nut butter, home-made granola, an additional spoonful of yoghurt or nuts and seeds all work well.

Some other tips from the MPowder team and community:

  • Oats are your friend if your tummy takes time to adjust. MPowder powders pack a powerful punch and oats slow down absorption.
  • Not got a mixer? Just use a super portable jam jar and give it a good old shake (pop in an ice cube if you've one to hand).
  • If you're adding a sweetener, maple syrup has proven the best in regard to hormone response.
  • Keep it simple. It's a daily investment so your method of delivery needs to be easy and practical for your lifestyle.
  • Another quick way to improve the taste of your peri-boost is to simply add a few drops of vanilla essence to your usual blend of peri-boost in icy water.

The bottom line

Have fun with it! Taking your daily supplements is a really important form of self-care, and we want you to feel good about doing it. If certain flavours or recipes don't work for you, experiment! There's no right or wrong way to enjoy your MPowder daily dose, the important thing is finding a method that works for you. 

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