Red Friday Month: finding the good in shopping with Unfabled

November in the retail world: the Beyonce of Glastonbury. The headline act of the year. And as a retail brand ourselves, we’ve put our heads together to think about how we can use our first ever Black Friday to raise awareness for issues close to our heart. Over the four weeks of November we’ll be placing a red alert on four meaningful causes, making it easier than ever for you to have a positive impact with every purchase you make with Unfabled. 

Each week we’re using our power to celebrate brands that actively work to put periods, the planet and people over profit. We’re using our platforms to spark conversations around these issues, to raise awareness about period poverty and the negative environmental impact of mainstream menstrual care products, and to lift-up female founders.

When you order from us this month, you not only have the chance to find exclusive deals on the very best wellness brands, but also to donate to period poverty charities, to support small, women-owned ethical businesses and to embark on a more sustainable, toxin-free lifestyle. 

But it gets better… we’ve partnered with a range of our wonderful brands to bring you exciting goodies and surprises with every Unfabled order you place during Red Friday Month. We’re making it easy for you to give back with every order you make, while giving back to you in return. Because you deserve it. 

So while you nab some sneaky online deals and buy that electric toothbrush, hairdryer or SAD lamp, you can rest assured that you’re also making a positive impact on people and the planet by shopping with Unfabled. Thank you for supporting our first ever November!

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