The best Christmas gifts for your partner in 2022

Christmas is just around the corner and while we’re enjoying snuggling down with cups of hot chocolate or watching Love, Actually (again), in the back of a lot of our minds is the lingering perennial question – what on earth could I possibly buy my girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other at this time of year? 

Fret not, internet voyager! We’ve got you covered. We’ve curated a list of our top gifts to give your partner for Christmas this year. From cheeky secret santa surprises for your friends-with-benefits to a meaningful gift for the love of your life, we’ve got a little something for everyone. Browse our favourites from independent, female-founded, ethical and sustainable brands below. 

1. WUKA | Body Hot Water Bottle

It’s no secret that a Body Hot Water Bottle is the gift of the season this year. Cosy, reassuring, and a great way to soothe cramps and give a little extra warmth without leaving an enormous dent in your heating bill - what’s not to love? Not your average Hot Water Bottle found on the high street, this Body Hot Water Bottle from WUKA is made of 100% natural rubber and as an added bonus, it even has pockets!

2. Evolve Organic Beauty | Silent Night Bathing Salts 450g

A gorgeous himalayan bath salt blend, specifically formulated to relax and soothe the body and mind, we’re big fans of the Silent Night Bathing Salts from Evolve Organic Beauty. With a luxury gold inlay box and an amber glass jar, this is the perfect seasonal gift that says enough without giving away too much. A great gift option for someone you’ve been seeing for long enough to warrant a Christmas gift, but not long enough to go all out (a classic predicament). 

Top tip, with this gift, tailor it to suit the one you love - nod to their need to take some time to themselves, or offer to join them in their soak. 

3. maude | Burn no. 1 Massage Candle - 113g

Playful, but with all the sophistication and premium feel we’ve come to expect from maude, this Massage Candle is the ideal sensual and romantic gift for your partner. Not only does this candle melt down to a delightfully moisturising and beautifully scented massage oil, it also offers the implication of an offer of a massage from you to them, too - making it absolutely perfect for the significant others whose love language is physical contact. 

With subtle, warming notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean, and Medjool date, this our go-to romantic stocking filler this year. 

4. Phasey | Sex Chocolate Truffles with Shatavari - Pack of 7

Who says getting your partner chocolate is a cop out? With Phasey’s Sex Chocolate Truffles, you get them a gift that’s cliche in the best possible way. Sex and chocolate, with a little something extra to give you both a boost in the bedroom. Playful, exciting, and a bit of a laugh depending on how you choose to deliver it, this is a gift and an invitation. 

5. Unfabled | In the Bleak Midwinter Gift Hamper

Let’s face it, winter may be cuddle season, but it can also be a little gloomy. Lift their spirits in the bleak midwinter with one of our favourite bundles. A hamper including a bestselling Body Hot Water Bottle (with pockets!), one of maude’s luxury body wash and bubble baths and a calming night owl tea - this selection is made up of products that are ethically-manufactured, female-founded and widely approved as some of our favourite products on site. 

Give them something that won’t just keep them cosy through Christmas, but through the rest of winter, too. 


Still not found what you're looking for? Don't worry - didn't I say we had you covered? We've also curated larger collections of Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him and Gifts for Them so you have a broader assortment to dive into.

Find your ideal Christmas gifts on Unfabled this year. 

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