Top Tips For Being More Sustainable With Your Cycle

It's Planet over Profit week of Red Friday Month at Unfabled and there's never been a better time for you to begin approaching your cycle more sustainably. Not only are we offering exclusive discounts across some of our favourite eco-friendly products this month, but we're also packing each of your orders full with goodies as an extra treat and thank you for helping us do things differently this November.  

So, how should you begin your journey to a more sustainable cycle? Here are my top tips.

1. Find the right reusables for you

The best way to have a more eco-friendly period is to get rid of disposable period products, but it's super important that you find the right reusables for you and your body. We all know someone who discovered a menstrual cup and will never go back, but the fact is that period cups aren't everyone's cup of tea - and that's okay. I'm personally a really big fan of period pants, but maybe reusable pads are more your vibe. It's all about knowing what works for your lifestyle so that you can make a switch that sticks. 

2. Not all disposables are all bad!


One of the easiest sustainable swaps I've made is switching out mainstream disposable period products for natural, biodegradable alternatives. FLO pads are made with 100% organic bamboo, all individually-wrapped in biodegradable plant-based wrappers, and Daye's tampons have applicators that are made from sugarcane, with each of their tampons wrapped in water soluble wrappers. 


3. Get naked. 


Scary fact alert! Did you know, 25 million plastic tampon applicators end up in UK landfills each week? If that wasn't reason enough to ditch applicators, what if I told you that they were invented partly because many doctors and members of the public (cough cough, non-menstruators) were uncomfortable with the idea of women touching their own genitals? Don't be shy - try getting naked, non-applicator tampons for your next period. 

4. You've heard of hybrid working, why not try hybrid period care.

During your period, your flow, cervix height, routine and mood change. You have the power to control how you respond to these changes and on some days, some products might work better than others. Maybe you've made the switch to naked tampons but sometimes can't get your angles quite right, so like to have DAME's Reusable Applicator on hand. I find period pants best at night, so I don't wake up worrying about leaks, but I've found CBD tampons have done wonders for my cramps, so I like to use these throughout my second, most painful day. 

Overall, be patient and gentle with yourself, take the time to figure out what goes with your flow. 


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